The following is a sample of some of the website projects that have been previously completed.  When possible, we include links to the live site*.  Not all previous projects are shown.

*After our portion of the project is complete, we cannot control if the site is modified, redesigned, or removed entirely; the lack of a “View Site” link simply means the project no longer reflects the work done by Columbia Web Development.

  • Lollipop Photography

    The client was experiencing slow loading times and other difficulties with her website host, and decided to completely revamp the site. We set up an entirely new hosting account, clean installation, and redesigned the entire website. All of the content was migrated, and the client ended up with a brand-new design on a new host without any loss of data or configuration (email, domain names, etc).

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  • Sava360

    This was a full installation from a template the client chose.  While the customizations on this one were minimal, there was a great deal of data and content imported from the previously existing site.  In addition to SEO setup and responsiveness work, this project included optimization for speed and loading time.

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  • Chef Sugar

    This was a from-the-ground-up website design.  The client provided images and graphics, and a basic layout desire, and we completed all setup, formatting, SEO, and responsiveness in addition to tying into social media (Facebook).

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  • Lollipop Mobile

    This project was a bit different than most – the site was already running and customized.  However, the theme was old enough that it was not responsive.  The client wanted to keep the look of the site, but add mobile/responsive capabilities to the theme.  The theme now works on phones, tablets, and other mobile devices without needing a complete redesign.